Sandra Davis

President, Decades of nonprofit work left me with the awareness that time is a commodity too precious to waste. 

I have a talent for developing efficient and elegant solutions and processes that lead to results. I like to get things done right. What gets me excited is providing the building blocks that allow nonprofits to create and deepen connections, not just completing donor transactions.

When I am not in a client meeting, I’m traveling with my history-loving husband and going on New York City adventures with my two intrepid teenagers.

I like to get things done right. What gets me excited is providing the building blocks that allow nonprofits to create and deepen connections, not just completing donor transactions.



Ama Ayeh


Project Associate, My love for helping others in the nonprofit world started as a child when I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC on a class trip. Ever since that moving experience, I have made it my goal to contribute my skills in the human rights and nonprofit world. My interests were further solidified when I was in college, where I had the chance to work and study alongside prominent human rights workers and in other nonprofits such as UN Women.

Interning and volunteering my time in various nonprofits opened my eyes to the need and importance of fundraising and development. At Donorly, I get to combine my interests in nonprofit development as I work with our client at RIP Medical Debt in combating the crippling effects of medical debt that millions of Americans face every day.

When I am not busy working, you can find this Jersey girl discovering New York, seeking out new recipes to cook, and spending time with loved ones.

At Donorly, I get to combine my skills and interests to help maximize the impact of our client’s goals and mission.



Megan Callaghan


Development Consultant, A common theme became apparent after I worked for several small nonprofits: a struggle to balance artistic work with the necessary fundraising to support the mission. I love being able to elevate a nonprofit’s development while alleviating some of the stress that often comes along with that work.

I have worked with several small dance companies in the tri-state area, providing support in grantwriting, finance, production, and special events. I worked as Development and Executive Assistant at the STREB Lab for Action Mechanics and Program Assistant at the Doris Duke Performing Artists Awards all while continuing my dance practice.

I’m energized by learning and organizing. When I’m not consulting with clients, I’m likely reading or enchanted by visual and performance art, fashion, interior design, and architecture.

Having seen first-hand how necessary Donorly would be to a nonprofit’s development, I was ready to dive right in.




Emily Comisar

Development Consultant, Everyone needs backup sometimes. Donorly's services are designed to provide organizations of all sizes the information and insights they need to take their fundraising to the next level. My career in nonprofit management has involved everything from public television, to Jewish communal service, to the performing arts, and I am energized by the uniqueness of each of Donorly's clients.

When I am not developing tailored fundraising solutions for clients, I am developing and producing new plays, hosting dinner parties, and taking long walks through the city.

I am energized by the uniqueness of each of Donorly’s clients.




darby Drukker

Special Projects Coordinator, I began my career in the non-profit sector as a student when I spearheaded the creation and development of a small, local charity supporting Leukemia research. Since then, I have been an avid volunteer in Parkinson’s rehabilitation and physical therapy initiatives, as well as in fundraising for Osteosarcoma. 

The combined power of expertise and passion for a particular mission is a force to be reckoned with. By providing non-profits with the tools and strategy to make remarkable and lasting impact, Donorly manages to successfully fuse the two.

When I am not working towards expanding the fundraising capacity of RIP Medical Debt, I enjoy traveling, freelance styling, and getting creative with new DIY art projects.

I am inspired by the opportunity to work alongside organizations to help them maximize both their potential and their impact.




Leo Fines

Project Assistant, Donorly’s team is genuinely excited about every client we serve. All the employees are here because they care about helping nonprofits efficiently fundraise as much as possible.

My experience fundraising for political campaigns in Arizona prepared me to work with such a committed group of people.

When I’m not at work, you can find me reading about food, getting lost on the subway, or doing my best to keep my plants alive.

I enjoy knowing my work helps nonprofits focus on what matters most to them.



I enjoy troubleshooting issues as they arise and finding custom solutions for each team and each obstacle.

Zahava Friedman-Stadler

Development Consultant, I began working in the arts and humanities field during college and never looked back. My broad interests led me to a variety of museums and cultural organizations in New York, Washington, D.C., and Rome, Italy. I have worked on fundraising initiatives and grant-funded projects at institutions such as United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Bard Graduate Center. I have also worked on Curatorial, Educational, and Collections Management projects at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Jewish Heritage. In 2014, I received my Master’s degree in Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture, with a focus on the digital humanities, at Bard Graduate Center.

At Donorly, I enjoy working with each of our unique clients to push donor relationship development to the next level. Donorly brings a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and fresh ideas to help organizations thrive. 

When I’m not at work you can find me reading, cooking (and eating!), playing various stringed musical instruments, and hanging out with my family.



Allison Gutstein

Senior Consultant, I believe that working closely with a nonprofit and helping them get a leg up with accurate, thorough research is paramount to the organization’s long-term success. I love to see the right donors connected with the right organization and seeing how both sides can flourish under those circumstances.

I have worked in fundraising at French Institute Alliance Française, Manhattan Theatre Club, Merricat’s Castle School, and Yorkville Community School. 

When I am not elaborating on donor research I can be found slathering sunscreen on two small children, practicing the ever-elusive handstand in yoga, and taking in as much culture in New York City as time will allow.

I love to see the right donors connected with the right organization and seeing how both sides can flourish



Maddy Hoepf Photo.jpg

Madeline Hoepf

Project Manager, Donorly forges unique partnerships with each client, empowering them to activate resources and strengthen meaningful connections within their community. I am excited to collaborate with mission-driven organizations on fundraising strategies that are both creative and authentic to the work that they do and the constituents they serve.

I have experience working in a variety of arts and culture-centered nonprofits in NYC and beyond. When I’m not at work, you can find me exploring all NYC has to offer in theater, cabaret, and comedy.

Donorly is a true partner in empowering each client to maximize their fundraising toolkit in creative and authentic ways.




Jane Lee

Project Director, I am passionate about working with nonprofits to maximize their fundraising capacity – focusing on telling compelling stories and cultivating meaningful relationships – to drive the organization’s mission and create change. I am experienced in fundraising and communications working with various education nonprofits in NYC, focusing on peer-to-peer fundraising, corporate partnerships, events, and board development.

When I am not working, I practice yoga & pilates, travel, and enjoy all the food and culture that the city has to offer.

Through Donorly, I have the exciting opportunity to maximize nonprofit organizations’ impact through collaboration and creativity.



Scott Gannon Patton

Development Consultant, I draw on my experience working in Development for a large nonprofit and leading a small one to fuel a passion for seeing mission driven organizations succeed. At Donorly, I get the opportunity to provide critical services which give our unique clients a torch to better see in the dark. Each organization is surrounded by individuals ready and willing to help them achieve their goals, and I love being part of a company that sheds light on them.   

When I’m not helping to solve fundraising challenges for the wide spectrum of nonprofits we speak to, I enjoy gardening, juggling, and freewheeling in the mountains with my wife and kids.

Scott Patton Headshot-17.jpg
At Donorly, I get the opportunity to provide critical services which give our unique clients a torch to better see in the dark.



Rachel_Weiss_Headshot_18Y6616 (1).jpg

Rachel Weiss Ruiz

Director of Business Development, There is nothing quite like witnessing thoughtful research and strategy help transform a non-profit - the stories are inspiring and galvanizing. I love when our work gives fundraisers the tools and the bandwidth to do what they do best, on behalf of the organizations they know deeply.

I have worked at organizations including The Public Theater, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and SpotCo, where I focused on relationship building, strategy, and events. I have seen firsthand the importance of a collaborative, curious team, and I bring that background into my work at Donorly.

When I’m not in search of Donorly's next client, I am likely to be found running along the East River, reading a new work of fiction, or taste-testing vegetarian recipes in my kitchen.

There is nothing quite like witnessing thoughtful research and strategy help transform a non-profit.




Morgan Shnier

Senior Researcher, Donorly is a vital service that uses the entire gamut of fundraising tools to get you the tailored, actionable information you need to fundraise successfully in an increasingly data-rich environment.

When I’m not researching a prospect’s history of charitable giving or uncovering potential board connections, I’m probably copyediting, leathercrafting, or re-reading Moby-Dick.

Donorly...[gets] you the tailored, actionable information you need to fundraise successfully.




Jason Stives

Project Manager, My career in grant writing has been an eclectic one at best, from arts marketing and fundraising, to working with libraries to procure funding for educational technology. The constant throughout my career is my ability to be a natural storyteller: I believe in the client's mission, and it reflects in my grant proposals. Donorly’s many clients provide a chance to tell a new story each time and I am happy to be part of the team and discover new ways to enrich my abilities as well as bring my own skills and experiences to the table.

When I am not weaving together narratives for our client the Casa Laxmi Foundation, I am working on my novel, attending trivia nights, and going to concerts throughout the city.

I believe in the client’s mission, and it reflects in my grant proposals.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Advisory Board



Head of Research and Prospect Strategy at The Frick Collection


Development Officer for The Catalyst Foundation for Universal Education


Research Development Officer with Seattle Children's Hospital Foundation


Independent Development Consultant