So you’ve met the IRS requirements (add link to first blog) in your donor thank you letter, now let’s talk about how to make your donors feel truly appreciated. With a loyal, lifelong donor as the goal, here are a few ways to provide an additional personalized touch.

Pick up the phone

A phone call from a member of the team or a volunteer is the first step to ensuring that a first-time donor isn’t a one-time donor. Additionally, a call from the Chairman of the Board or a Board Member to any first-time donor can make a big impact. Let them know their gift has been noticed and is appreciated right away and don’t forget to mention how their gift will benefit your organization. Be specific and make it personal.

Send a handwritten card

There’s something special about a handwritten card. Often seen as a lost art in our digital-focused age, even a short note can be completely transformed by way of handwriting. For added impact, send a handwritten note as a random act of gratitude, not in response to a specific donation, but simply to express your appreciation. It will be an unexpected surprise in the mailbox, and your donor will know that you took additional time to craft a handwritten message as a gesture that will not soon be forgotten.

Send flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Take the time to coordinate a flower delivery for a donor who has gone above and beyond, like hosting a social event in their home or giving an important auction item. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a thoughtful, unforgettable gesture.

Work every angle

When thanking a donor for an increased gift, plan out the barrage of gratitude that your donor deserves. Mail the formal tax letter immediately and make arrangements to offer thanks from every angle: an email from leadership, a letter from the program officer, a note from one of your organization’s clients, and a phone call from the Development Chair. Give back in appreciation what your donor gave to support your mission.

Properly thanking your organization’s supporters is a fundamental part of relationship building, ensuring that you leave a lasting impression. Put these tips into practice to develop long lasting relationships and a loyal donor base.